Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners

This Halloween be sure your California home insurance policy is up-to-snuff. Here’s our advice on staying out of trouble!

1. Keep “Fido” out of the way. The constant ringing of the doorbell and the Halloween hustle and bustle gets dogs excited. The oddly dressed people on the other side of the door don’t do much to calm Fido down. It’s best to make sure that the dog is occupied or kept away from the door so that he does not feel the need to protect his turf or playfully jump on trick or treaters, knocking them to the floor. The last type of Halloween treat a homeowner wants is a liability suit because of the dog. 

2. Practice extreme caution with candles. While the orange glowing effect of a candle adds to the Halloween ambiance, it can cause a fire if the candles are not carefully placed and monitored.

3. Illuminate walking paths for trick-or-treaters. It is possible to decorate a home for Halloween keeping with the dark and gloomy tradition while simultaneously providing enough light for the walking path. Whether the walkway is lined with glowing pumpkins or the muted illumination of solar lights, it is important for the homeowner to properly illuminate the walking path to avoid unnecessary trips and falls.

4. Keep all wiring off the walking path. Along with proper theme related lighting, homeowners must take care to keep the extension cords off the walkway or cover them with mats in such a way to prevent tripping and falling. Trips and falls are common causes for homeowner insurance third party liability claims.

5. Be careful of the ‘shock and awe’ affect. The Halloween celebration invokes thoughts of horror, fright and shock. However, in an attempt to reduce the possibility of a law suit, it is recommended to refrain from tactics such as suddenly jumping out from darkened bushes or other such scare tactics. These blood rushing tactics may be fun at an amusement park fun house, but it opens the homeowner up to another source of liability. Amusement parks carry Haunted House Insurance to cover such risks, homeowners do not.

6. Purchase additional coverage. If the thought of pulling in the reigns on a Halloween celebration puts a damper on the fun, maybe its time to consider purchasing additional insurance to cover the holiday. Homeowners can call their insurance agent to find out how much it will cost to increase their liability limits to cover the increased holiday exposure.

By taking just a few precautions, homeowners won’t have to spend their time worrying about potential insurance claims. The only thing they should be concerned about is whether or not they have enough candy for the hungry little trick-or-treaters. For more helpful hints and tips, visit the American Academy of Pediatrics website.

If you’re not sure where you stand on your California homeowner’s insurance we can help.

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